Less noise and stress in the office

aixFOAM products for more peace, concentration and productivity in the workplace
Acoustic baffles PEACEMAKER in white-grey in the office
White-grey hanging sound absorbers improve the acoustics in modern offices and call centres and convince with clear shapes.
Suspended acoustic elements in an open-plan office
Hanging acoustic elements in the office
Sound absorbers GIZA and FELT as sound insulation in the office.
Sound absorbers in hanging cassettes (upFRAME) improve the acoustics in the office and provide highlights in the interior design.
Insert panels for suspended ceilings/grid ceilings in the office
Room dividers and acoustic columns ensure peace and quiet in the open-plan office.
aixFOAM room divider sail in the office
Acoustic sails ensure peace and quiet in the workplace.
Whether free-floating room divider, free-standing acoustic column or partition at the workplace - we have the right soundproofing solution for your office.
Plan sound absorber SH001 on the ceiling of an agency
Acoustic sails / ceiling sails in the office
Round acoustic sails ensure quiet in the open-plan office.
Acoustic sails in the office
Hip advertising agency, lively open-plan office, busy call center - aixFOAM acoustic elements improve communication in every room.
Acoustic sails in the office
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